the firm:

MOVA1 understands the importance of designing spaces keeping the larger context in mind. Taking a cue from Master Architect Eero Saarinen -

“Our designs place furniture within a room, the room within the building, the building within an environment, and the environment within the city."

MOVA1 interior architecture consultancy provides the gambit of services required to transform your space into an intimate living environment. After completing the necessary technical drawings and documentation of the property, our team of architects and designers will work consistently with you towards creating inspired and serene environments where you cannot only be yourself, but your best self. The eventual space, layout and form will be of timeless character and comfort, all well within the strict timeline and investment points our coupled endeavor sets forth.

design philosophy:

"MOVA1 is dedicated to creating spaces where functionality and aesthetic come together to provide environments that advance the experience of pleasure and productivity in ones settings."

MOVA1 is an interior architecture and furniture design firm that seeks to promote inventive and polished modern living solutions. The designs are cerebrally driven, and can be characterized as warm, minimal and finely detailed. From the concept to spatial planning and furniture working drawings, we derive artistic form from a combination of age-old mathematical proportioning systems and ergonomic precision. The final product seeks to maintain a balanced ratio of symmetry through asymmetry, stimulating contrast in materials and strict construction.


We at mova1 understand the busy nature of today's clientele and their expectation of service and standards when it comes to managing their personal and professional projects - thus mova1 contract.

mova1 contract provides end-to-end professional services that take your design from concept through purchase and project management, to quality control and handover. We strictly monitor the number of construction projects that we work on at a time, allowing us to dedicate a high level of expertise, manpower and creative input to each one. Our commitment to transparent processes, quality workmanship, and meeting budgets and timelines forms the foundation of our design philosophy.

the director:

"My interest in Design is particularly informed by a consciousness of the way interior environments influence human experience. I am always aware of how a meticulous design selection can promote and support spaces for harmonious interaction. This awareness is what motivates my practice."

Varrun Motihar is an interior and furniture designer who resides in New Delhi, India. Having grown up in a family of art historians, artists and writers, his academic interests have naturally pivoted around design and the liberal arts. After graduating from university in 2004, he has indulged a multitude of work interests such a writer for Mediterranean Agenda, an on-line political journal based out of Istanbul turkey, a research associate for the US India Political Action Committee, a Political Lobbying firm based out of Washington DC,and an analyst for a corporate house, Kurt Salmon and Associates. He began his career in design in 2007 when he enrolled himself in a Masters Diploma in Interior Architecture at the KLC School of Design, London. He has been directing Interior and Furniture design works ever since under his label, MOVA1.

Varrun Motihar has a Bachelors Degree in Economics (2004), American University, Washington DC and a Masters Diploma in Interior Architecture (2007), KLC School of Design, London